‘Nokia-the leader of mobile phones’ This was what was said in the symbian era and no doubt Nokia was the market leader due to its robust design and making with all the features a mobile phone can have. Everybody was just so happy to have a Nokia phone that mobile phones were just ‘Nokia’ for them in India.

And times changed and smartphones came into the picture. Android, IOS were the OS all over the market. Nokia was nowhere to be seen, market for them crashed. They launched themselves with Windows platform, though really amazing but of no help to regain the market share.

It was the time to come up with android as this was the only option left to be in the race. And Nokia is back in the market(though share is small), this time with android with amazing designs, Carl Zeiss optics, robust design and that’s the reason it is said ‘NOKIA IS BACK’. A big thanks to HMD Global who reinvented Nokia.